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Creativity is a fundamental part of business, useful for managing social media, it’s important for problem solving, and an asset for a richer and more enjoyable existence. It helps us to see and interact with the world in a different way. It is an ace in the hole, but it is a talent that must be trained and cultivated. Here you will find games, ideas and mini challenges to develop your creative side and apply it to your everyday activities.

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REDISCOVERING YOUR CREATIVE MIND. Believing that creativity is just talent is a common misconception. It’s not a gift we are born with, we are all creative in different ways, sometimes unknowingly, because we exclude creative thinking in our conception of creativity. There is an important distinction to make. Creativity may be practiced...

Coffee bar exploration

Italians don’t take coffee on the go. Only recently globalization has influenced traditional behaviors, introducing new trends and habits to the blissful espresso. As a modern everyday ritual, however you may prefer it, you can take the beverage fast, as an espresso (“express”) is prepared at the perfect temperature to be sipped...

A guide to Sidewalk Safari

Sidewalk safari© is a city excursion with the objective of spotting places, buildings, curiosities and capturing the beauty of what is encountered. It is a collection of exploration methods to be undertaken in the place where you live or in other cities. It is a simple activity, suitable for any...

Creative missions

In the introductory post dedicated to Sidewalk Safari ©, I illustrated three safari styles that represent the attitude and mood to be adopted during your excursion. One is the modern more relaxed and reflective, the postmodern which is most interactive and often playful, and finally the contemporary, which is more...

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