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Nice to meet you!
I’m an illustrator based in Padua, Italy,
developing freelance personal projects and Collaborating as an art director for The Drake Studio.
fascinated by the adventures of existence. 
In love 💛 with the possibilities of creativity.
Uncontrollably inspired ✨.
I mainly work at these three categories
The Drake Studio, on freelance and personal illustrations and Diabolic Lounge®. You may click on the three pics to explore:
selected work
personal illustrations  and collaborations
exploring creative adventures
Embracing local surroundings
I live in an area full of amazing things to explore, most of them with profound histories, others hide forgotten curiosities, some keep their little mysteries. Never ending ideas to illustrate and many vicissitudes and affairs to collect through the simplicity of an everyday journey.
Hope you may find this perspectively contagious.
Topics I enjoy developing
Creative Wanderer – brand related 
Habitat Escapades – art scavenges, searching inspiration
Coffee Bar explorations –  for coffee lovers 
Dark Tourism – discovering oddities 
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