Discover how creative wandering may enrich your life.
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We wander from place to place, we wander between weekdays and weekends and if you are like me, an individual who lives on creativity, you also wander through ideas and tools.  There are endless possibilities to explore and experience with playfulness and curiosity. Inspiration can be found in the little things and in our common surroundings, most of the time it hides in plain sight.
To enjoy them we must practice the “attitude” of being creative.
Creative wondering represents activities exercised in order to find inspiration and developing the art of interacting with it.

Creativity is the use of imagination to generate ideas or to create something.

rediscovering creativity

Believing that creativity is just talent is a common misconception. It’s not a gift we are born with, we are all creative in different ways, sometimes unknowingly, because we exclude creative thinking in our conception of creativity.
There is an important distinction to make. Creativity may be practiced with artistic creativity and creative thinking, which are highly related, but not both contemporarily necessary. Creativity is often associated with artistic tasks like writing, painting, composing or making handmade goods. But let’s not forget creative thinking, a thought process for encouraging elaboration of original and diverse ideas, and fundamental for problem-solving.
Creativity is a skill
It can be learned but it will need practicing and it must be constantly cultivated. Here are some behaviors to adopt in order to develop the skill: 
  • Thinking outside the box
  • Conscious exploring
  • Experimentation
  • Observation
  • Challenging common wisdom
  • Escaping comfort zones
  • Playfulness

So How can we be more creative?

Being present and mindful is fundamental for amplifying our skill. Imagination and inventiveness can open us to a sort of augmented reality. Tools like curiosity along with research are the grounds for inspiration. We may wander through experimentation by taking action with activities and exercises. This is what I love to do, my personal motivation, it’s a journey of creativity work-outs that I wish to share together and discover with you. There is so much out there: places, art supplies, books, museums, creative safaris, reviews, games to indulge in…
I’m very excited to see where the next post will bring me…
colored pencils

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